Your Money, Your Right

Australia is a country with the rule of law. We hold this truth to be self-evident, that all human beings have unalienable human rights. Not only property buyers but also property sellers, builders, developers and renovators irrespectively have their rights, no matter whether they are from local or foreign countries. Australia however, does have highly regulated property and investment markets. To ensure harmony, prosperity and crime prevention, there are a number of laws which govern the process of buying, selling, settling a property. Both local and foreign Chinese investors may encounter language and cultural barriers. We are advocating the full appreciation of our rights while seeking ways for our concerns to be heard. It is your money that is invested. You have rights. Be part of a community with similar needs and concerns and enjoy the support we give one another. Click here to join us today 


澳洲是法治之国。基本人权更是立国之本。无论你是物业的买家,卖家,建造者,开发商或本行业从业员,你都享有最基本的权利。这与你是否是本地居民无关。 与此同时,澳洲现行一套完善有效的法规以调整,监控和管理整个房地产市场,为确保买卖双方及各利益相关方得到妥善的法律保障。 本地和外地华人都可能不太熟悉这一整套澳洲房地产法律系统。我们倡导尊重华人房地产投资者的基本权利。同时,我们亦积极寻求各方渠道,使华人地产投资者的顾虑和诉求得到澳洲立法者和政策制定者的关注。 这是你的投资。在澳洲这个法治国度,你拥有你的基本权利。成为我们的一份子,获得我们的支持与协助。 立即点击加入我们!